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Based on a book by Kobi Yamada, illustrated by Mae Besom (©Compendium, Inc and )

Produced by Inlet Dance Theatre

From Cleveland, OH

About the Company


This digital engagement includes 2 week unlimited access to a password-protected prerecorded video link hosted on Vimeo.

One day, a child has an idea.  At first, they don’t know what to do with it. It seems strange. They don’t know what other people will think of this idea and they attempt to hide it away. But the idea persists and gets stronger– along with the child’s confidence. And then, one day, something amazing happens…


Told through movement, music, and narration, an ensemble of dancers creates a magical world where ideas grow and take flight. Based on the New York Times best selling book, this is a story for anyone, at any age, who has ever had an idea that seemed a little too big, too odd, or too difficult. 


“The idea to write “What Do You Do With An Idea?”was born out of a desire to help kids, and really people of all ages, to see that ideas are fragile when they are new. They can be killed with criticism, an eye-roll or an exhale. I think it’s important for us all to see the value of our own ideas and to also be kind and supportive of the ideas of others. I never thought my children’s book would have inspired a world-class dance performance. It is thrilling to see how ideas build on ideas.” –Author Kobi Yamada, President/CEO of Compendium, Inc.

Best for: Grades PreK+

What Do You Do With An Idea? Trailer

Contact us to preview the full length performance video.

Curriculum Connections

  • Fine Arts: Dance and Movement,

  • Language Arts: Reading, Creative Writing, Symbolism, Philosophical & Abstract Concepts

  • Science: Invention; How scientists and engineers explore a new idea through hypothesis, experiments, scientific method, and trial/error;

  • Emotional/Social Development: Confidence, Growth Mindset, Creativity, Self Awareness, Social Awareness

Curriculum Connections

Outreach and Workshops


Please contact us if additional remote outreach or workshops is something you'd like to explore. A member of the creative team may be available to deliver pre or post show workshops for participating schools. Please connect with us about outreach activities that best engage your teachers and schools. 

Digital Tech Specs

This performance is available as a prerecorded link hosted on password protected Vimeo site (managed by HAA). Each site will be made specific to the presenting venue with the following possible models.

A Standard Educational Engagement includes:

  • 2 weeks of Unlimited Educational Access for Schools (within 60 miles of Venue)

  • A custom password protected link with full pre-recorded high quality video, hosted on Vimeo

  • Ability to add your venue’s logo and recorded Curtain Speech video to Vimeo Page

  • A sample study guide (pdf)

  • Additional activities such as live online workshops, masterclasses, etc... available for separate fee with scheduling TBD mutually

For some shows, an Extended Educational Digital Engagement is also available. This provides the same access and basic resources as a standard engagement but with 5 videos of 15-20ish minutes. The performance video is split into "chapters" and provided with additional pre-show and post-show content created by the company. Perfect for viewing over multiple days or sessions and expanding the context and curriculum connections around the show.


A Public Family Engagement includes:

  • 1 weekend of Access for Public Audiences (within 60 miles of Venue)

  • A custom password protected link with full pre-recorded high quality video, hosted on Vimeo

  • Ability to add your venue’s logo and recorded Curtain Speech video to Vimeo Page

  • A sample study guide (pdf)

  • Additional activities such as live online workshops, masterclasses, etc... available for separate fee with scheduling TBD mutually

Please talk to us if you are looking to serve both school and family audiences with this digital presentation and we can combine models for the appropriate access.

Minimum Tech
Artistic Team

Artistic Team

Choreographed by the company’s Founder and Executive/Artistic Director Bill Wade, in collaboration with the cast.

Original score by Jeremy Allen

Narrated by Dee Perry

Scenic design by Ian Petroni

Costuming by Kristin Wade
Set & Costume Painting by Nina Huryn

Animal Masks & Giant Wings by Robin Van Lear

Lighting Design by Trad Burns


The Child – Kevin Parker

The Idea – Katie McGaha

Corps – Joshua Brown, Nicole Kapantas, Dominic Moore-Dunson, Erin Pennebaker,

Elizabeth Pollert, Emily Stonecipher

Critical Acclaim 

“ Throughout the evening, kids laughed, asked questions, and some adults were seen wiping their eyes. Inlet's work underscored the inclusivity of Yamada's narrative - everyone, young or old, has ideas. Like Wade's work, those ideas can come alive.” – Melanie Kraus-Har BroadwayWorld (read the full review  here. )


“I was blown away by the creativity and heart behind their performance. Everyone involved in this production is truly talented and they are creating something very special. My hope is that this show will inspire children to embrace their ideas and make a positive impact in their community.”  –Author Kobi Yamada, President/CEO of Compendium, Inc.

“In some ways the dancing also allows the audience to see in-between the pages and into the lives and interactions of the characters in the book.” -Steve Sucato, Arts Air

(read the full review  here.​ )


“Playhouse Square could not be prouder to be a producing partner on this extraordinary work for family audiences.” -Daniel Hahn, Vice President, Community Engagement & Education at Playhouse Square

Critical Acclaim
Productin History

Company History

Inlet Dance Theatre is one of Northeast Ohio’s most exciting professional contemporary dance companies. Founded in 2001 by Founder and Executive/Artistic Director Bill Wade, Inlet embodies his longstanding belief that dance viewing, training and performing experiences serve as tools to bring about personal growth and development. Inlet’s collaborative artistic staff builds the company’s solid reputation for uplifting individuals and engaging new audiences via performances and education programming.


Inlet Dance Theatre’s impact has grown locally to internationally.  The company’s concerts, event services, Inflow and Outflow education programs began as local initiatives and now reach regional, national and international markets. Inlet performs annually at Cleveland Public Theatre's DanceWorks Series, Playhouse Square, Cain Park Evans Amphitheater, among other local venues and conducts regional touring.   Inlet has participated in numerous international artistic exchanges through The Cleveland Foundation’s Creative Fusion program and a two week residency exchange to Easter Island (made possible by the Ohio Arts Council, The Ohio Arts Foundation, Playhouse Square’s Education Department, the State Department and the American Embassy in Santiago, Chile). Inlet’s education programming includes teaching dance classes for all ages at The Music Settlement, attracting students from all over the country to our Summer Dance Intensive and our year-long Trainee & Apprentice program, and conducting residencies throughout Ohio as part of the Ohio Arts Council’s Arts Learning Residency Program.

In contrast to an industry where people are often used to further dance, Inlet Dance Theatre is committed to using dance to further people.  Discover for yourself what makes Inlet unique.


For more information, please visit the company’s website here.

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