Digital & Special Projects: 
Prerecorded Digital Engagements, Live Online Streaming Performances, & Live Remote Events.

We know that many of you may be considering virtual or digital presenting while your venues or schools are still under social distancing or field trip restrictions in 2021-2022. Nothing will replace the magic of live theater and gathering together in-person, but we're excited to experiment with some special projects that our companies are working on as a way to stay connected and continue to share stories in these times. These digital and special projects are available as virtual presentations with prerecorded links or live video streaming.  We also have an online collection of interactive creative journeys which guide kids to turn their homes,
classrooms, or even your venue into an arts experience of uninhibited creativity.

Prerecorded Digital Engagements:

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Live Online Performances:

Web Based Creative Journeys:

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