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Produced by BRUSH Theatre

From Seoul, South Korea

Poli and Pola don't want to go to sleep. The siblings start off playing with toys in their bedroom, competing against each other to be the leader of the room, but then their imagination takes them on a surreal dreamlike journey full of surprise and joy. BRUSH Theatre uses incredible technology and special effects to transform the set from an empty room to far away islands, roaring seas, the Egyptian desert, busy cities, dance parties, and more!  But the duo don’t know there’s something else lurking in the shadows… a ferocious alien monster! What will they do?  


A wonderful follow up to BRUSH's recent Doodle POP, this colorful and playful new theater production uses live musicians who perform the accompanying score and sound effects, stunning interactive animations and painted projection mapping, and an abundance of theatrical imagination. Premiering August 2022!

Best for Grades: PreK - 2nd

Audience Size: Small, Medium, & Large Venues

About the Company
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Please contact us to watch an archival full length recording.

Curriculum Connections

Curriculum Connections
  • Fine Arts: Performance & Interactive Design, Clowning and Physical Theatre, Music & Composition, Sound Design

  • Science: Projection & Digital Technology - Perspective, Light, Scale, Animation;

  • Emotional/Social Development: Role Playing, Imagination, Creativity

Outreach and Workshops


Please contact us if additional outreach or workshops is something you'd like to explore. A member of the creative team may be available to deliver a live Meet the Artists/Q&A or a hands on workshop for participating audiences.


“Relaxed” or “Sensory Friendly” Performances

This performance is available as a “sensory friendly” or “relaxed” performance if arranged with the company in advance and with specific direction as to what adjustments are, necessary for your venue.

Minimum Technical Requirements

Minimum Tech
  • Coming Soon!

Artistic Team

Artistic Team

Coming soon!

Critical Acclaim

Coming soon!

Critical Acclaim
Company Background

Company Background

BRUSH Theatre LLC, based in Seoul, South Korea, is a Theatre for Young Audiences, passionately driven by performing live internationally.


BRUSH Theatre believes in the little child everyone has inside who loves to live out art in life. We envision the inner child growing into a powerful creator through boundless forms of art - the reason why children are our favorite audience!


Inspiring children all over the world from different socio-economic and geographic backgrounds through our out-of-the-box performances, we showcase one-of-a-kind acts built for audiences of every age, race, and culture.


The company’s work has been presented by Birmingham On The Edge Festival (UK), Cape Town Cradle of Creativity Festival (South Africa), Hamedan 23rd International Children and Youth Theatre Festival (Iran), The National library of Kyrgyz Republic.


Doodle POP has performed (under the previous name Woogie Boogie) at:

Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2019 at Assembly

Chennai, Guntur, Bangalore, Hyderabad tour 2019, India

JUNIOR2019 Festival, Toronto, Canada

Izmir International Puppet Days 2019, Turkey

ASSITEJ Korea performing arts platform (K-PAP) 2019

Korea- National Gugak Center 2018, Korea

Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2018 at Summerhall

KAMS Nordic Connection 2018, Korea


For more information, please visit the company’s website.


Past Productions

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