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Looking to meet up up a booking conference?

We're attending the Association of Performing Arts Professionals (APAP) conference
in New York City, NY

January 12-16, 2024  - booth # 179 in Rhinelander!

Contact us soon to schedule an appointment at the conference 

or drop by our booth during Exhibit Hall Hours.

Please also take note of the following events and showcases, featuring some of our wonderful artists and staff, as well as other Youth & Family conference programming that you should know about.

Also - we are so proud to share that our own Sarah Saltwick

is one of the APAP 2024 Conference Co-Chairs!


January 12-16, 2024


HAA Co-Director Sarah Saltwick is a Co-Chair of the APAP 2024 Conference, along with other thoughtful and talented leaders in the performing arts. Keep an eye out for her at events throughout the conference!

YOUTH & FAMILY PROGRAMMING Pre-Conference Professional Development Forum
Friday January 12, 2024.  9 am- 11am 
Hilton Midtown, Rendezvous Trianon


The Youth & Family Programming Forum is a time for all who create, program, or represent work for young audiences to connect and learn from each other. Whether you're a TYA veteran or just TYA curious, you are welcome! The session will include voices from the field and small group conversation to discuss critical issues such as rebuilding family audiences, rising costs of touring, programming for middle school & high school, and navigating politically charged environments. We'll also have time for networking with colleagues and friends.  
Open to the public.

Session Leaders include:

  • Sarah Saltwick, Holden & Arts Associates (facilitator)

  • Keith Ghion, Geodesic Management

  • Paige Hernandez, Artist

  • Sara Morgulis, Executive Director, Theatre for Young Audiences/USA 

  • Stephanie Turner, Long Island University Tilles Center, Brookeville, NY

UP NEXT! Artist Pitch Session featuring THE VANISHING ELEPHANT from Cahoots NI

Friday January 12, 2024  3pm-4:30pm

Hilton Midtown, Trianon Ballroom

The Vanishing Elephant Cahoots-96.jpg

Discover 18 exciting new works under development or ready to tour. Admission limited to registered APAP/NYC Conference attendees.  HAA Co-Director Spring Karlo will pitch THE VANISHING ELEPHANT from Cahoots NI of Belfast, Northern Ireland.

This incredible story of resilience and friendship, inspired by true events, comes to life through large-scale puppetry, illusion, and magic. When Jenny, a spirited young elephant born in Bengal, India, is captured and then sold to a circus in America, she learns the cruel ways of humans. Though her new world is filled with many adventures, she never stops thinking of home or her friendship with a young boy called Opu. She eventually meets the great Harry Houdini who plans to make her disappear from the stage of the Hippodrome, New York. There on the stage, she sees Opu, now an old man, in the audience, and together they are part of an amazing and moving magical vanishing.   Declared a "Critic's Pick!" by the NY Times,  "This alluring spectacle..., which aims to dazzle audiences 8 and older, makes powerful statements about the rights of both animals and human beings."  Read the full NYT review here.​ 

YOUTH & FAMILY MINI SHOWCASE featuring CLUNK from Visible Fictions
(GUEST OF THE DANCE MANAGER COLLECTIVE. Visit the DMC showcase website here.) 

Sunday January 14, 2024 9am-9:55am

NY City Center, Studio 5Enter at the Stage Door, 130 West 56th Street between 6th and 7th Avenues.

wide shot sitting on table.JPG

Please join Dandelion Artists, Bailiwick Booking Agency, Holden & Arts Associates, and Geodesic Management for a mini showcase of youth & family work. Performances will include selections from: YORK THE EXPLORER, a new folk opera by Aaron Nigel Smith; CLUNK from Visible Fictions; THE GREAT GATSBY from Literature to Life and a pitch from Bailiwick Booking Agency.

Open to everyone, but please RSVP in advance here.
Performances will be begin promptly, so please arrive by 9am.
All attendees ar
e asked to wear a mask while attending the showcase.

CLUNK from Visible Fictions of Glasgow, Scotland
….a shiny, heavy thing falls out of Andy’s ear during class. What is it? He and his Gran never keep secrets from each other, but Andy makes an exception with the weird ear thing. He keeps it in his pocket – secret.  Andy lives with his Gran above her video shop. They tell each other everything, until one day they don’t and bad things start to happen. Turns out Gran has been keeping things to herself too, big, important things. Andy starts to wonder if his secret ear thing caused all this, or might it save them all? A powerful solo show that tackles mental health, confidence, and family. 

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