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Based on the book by Jack London

Adapted by Jason Tremblay

Produced by Theatre Heroes

From Austin, Texas

Jack London’s classic tale comes to life on stage. This multi-media adventure mixes performance and storytelling with projected illustrations to tell the story of Buck, the magnificent offspring of a St. Bernard and Scottish Collie.


Kidnapped from his lavish life on a California estate and sent to work as a sled dog during the great Klondike Gold Rush of the 1800s, Buck becomes the most famous dog in the northland’s history and discovers the endurance and strength of his wild, primal ancestors as their call courses through his blood. A thrilling tale of courage and survival.


The production uses 180-degree projection that surrounds the performer and provides scenic, artistic, and historical context to the show through their content. The images feature a unique mix of Philip R. Goodwin’s classical illustrations from the book’s first edition, period photographs, and brand new drawings and animations created by artist Michael Rae.

This production is available for touring in 2022-2023 and 2023-2024.

Best for: Grades 3rd+ (8 years+)

Audience Size: Small, Medium, & Large Venues

About the Company
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Trailer recording. Please contact us to watch a full length archival recording.

Sample Study Guides

Study Guides

Curriculum Connections

Curriculum Connections
  • Fine Arts: Dramatic Performance, Performance & Technology

  • Language Arts: Page to Stage – Adapting a Novel into a Play, Narrative, Reading, Comprehension, Writing, Vocabulary

  • Science: Dogs, Wolves, Animals & the Environment,

  • History: North American Klondike Gold Rush of the 1800s

  • Emotional/Social Development: Adapting to new circumstances, Resilience, Endurance, Survival

Outreach and Workshops


In addition to the performance, there is a 10 minute performer-led talk-back (unless otherwise requested by the venue.)


The company can offer post-performance student workshops that explore character, setting and literary analysis, creating scenes through storytelling, acting, movement, music and rhythm, and ensemble collaboration. Teacher workshops include using theatre and storytelling as tools to teach curriculum and invigorate learning through Readers Theatre activities as well as other theatre and movement exercises and simple visual art activities that align with curriculum standards in Language Arts, History, Geography, and the Arts.

Sensory Friendly Performances
This production is available as a sensory friendly performance if requested in advance and with specific direction as to what this means for your venue.

Minimum Technical Requirements

Minimum Tech
  • Load In Time: 4 hours (with lights prehung). Company will need 1 & 1⁄2 hours for show call.

  • Crew Needs: 2 stagehands during load in and load out (to help with set up and strike of set), 1 lighting technician, and 1 sound technician

  • Min. Stage Size: 25ft wide x 25ft deep x 12 ft height (playing space can be adapted based on venue specs.)

  • Sound/Video Needs: All sound will be operated via Q lab. Company will travel with three 9x12 dual projection screens and three short throw projectors for either rear or front setup.

  • Load Out Time: 2 hours

Artistic Team

Artistic Team

Based the book by Jack London

Adapted and Directed by Jason Tremblay

Performed by Noel Gaulin

Music Composed by Graham Weber

Illustrations by Michael Rae

Costumes by Taylor Harrison

Media Design by Chris Owen and K. Eliot Haynes

Production Manager: Stephen Pruitt

Critical Acclaim

Critical Acclaim

"Noel Gaulin is such a gifted storyteller; you simply cannot help but fall in love (and experience a little heart-break) with his portrayal of Buck. The projections are truly stunning, adding to the company’s concept of an “Illustrated Edition” and the music captivates from the beginning. I believe this piece has the power to draw schools and public audiences in droves and will leave lasting impact. I [was] thrilled to present Call of the Wild on our 2016-2017 season."

—Jennifer Luck, presenter, Paramount Theatre. Austin, TX

"Call of the Wild was a compelling and thought-provoking show that really transported the audience into the Yukon with stunning storytelling and archival photos that created a powerful sense of place. The show features one of the fiercest and most engaging storytellers I’ve ever seen onstage; he filled the space, easily moving between characters and emotions.  The use of projections was mindful and clever, and very well-suited to the narrative being told. In the post-show talk back, it was clear that student curiosity was vibrantly alive, with students asking incredible questions and making thoughtful observations about what they’d just seen, both performance and content. This was an outstanding show that worked extremely well for our upper elementary and early middle school audience members."

—Kat Redness, presenter, The Flynn Center. Burlington, VT

"A one-man rendition of Jack London's classic sounds like a decent enough idea, and then come to find out that the man performing it is Noel Gaulin and suddenly we're storming the box office for tickets."

—Austin Chronicle

“My students enjoyed the play. I loved the use of the vocabulary because it correlated with the vocabulary that we use in class. It also gave them a love for the fine arts. Especially for those who would not have gone on their own or whose parents would not have taken them.”


"Gaulin is...a force of nature in Austin theatre and while he is necessarily out there on the edge given the roles he masters, he is also nuanced, capable of expressing something with the twitch of a finger or the curve of an eyebrow."

—Central Texas Live Theatre

“I loved how Language Arts and History were integrated. The kids were blown away by how many different characters the actor played.”


"Thank you so much for the delightful experience seeing Call of the Wild. My students are still talking about it. They loved it."


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Company Background

Theatre Heroes is a theatre company based out of Austin, TX that creates high quality touring performances for young audiences and those young at heart.


We are theatre makers, fearless adventurers, and terrified mistake makers. We celebrate the live theatre experience as a launch pad for promoting creativity and innovation. We use theatre to activate and reawaken classic stories. We believe theatre can encourage youth to pursue their own dreams. We strive to create a world of infinite possibilities and limitless imagination where anyone can be their own hero.


Theatre Heroes is dedicated to bringing theatre to underserved populations and works with presenters to bring our performances to hospitals, detention centers, and rural communities. We also believe in inspiring the next generation of theatre makers through our workshops, talkbacks, and residencies.


Noel Gaulin is a three-time winner of Best Actor from the Austin Critics' Table. He has toured over 250 plus performances across the country with Rude Mechs, Paper Chairs, Glass Half Full, and Creative Action. He is the first actor to be named as a Favorite Arts Event by the Austin Chronicle. Recently, Noel received a Best Actor award from the Austin Revolution Film Festival.


Playwright Jason Tremblay’s award winning plays have been recognized and presented by the Kennedy Center, New Visions/New Voices, the Bonderman, One Theatre World, New Dramatists, and at theatres across the country such as East Valley Children’s Theatre, Adventure Stage Chicago, New Orleans Fringe, among others. He was the recipient of the KCACTF Young Audiences award, EVCT emerging playwright award, and a James Michener fellowship in writing at the University of Texas. His plays are published by YouthPlays and Playscripts.


The show includes media design by multi- B. Iden Payne Award winners Chris Owen and K. Eliot Haynes, music by Graham Weber, and artwork by Michael Rae.


For more information, please visit the company’s website.

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