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Produced by CDP Theatre Producers

From Sydney, Australia

About the Company

MEETING MOZART introduces young audiences to a range of Mozart's music, from variations on 'Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star' to his large-scale orchestral pieces. The production explores the instruments, scores, themes behind the music, and life of the musician who wrote them, aiming to instill a love and appreciation of classical music through an atmosphere that is fun, participatory and inclusive.


Watch with delight as the mischievous musical wunderkind himself, Wolfgang Amadeus, and his talented wife Constanze Mozart take us on a journey into the music behind the man. Audiences will meet all the instruments in the ensemble along the way and discover some of Mozart’s best-known and beloved classical music. 


Since its 2013 premiere at Sydney Opera House as part of their “Babies Proms” series, MEETING MOZART, directed by Eva Di Cesare (Monkey Baa’s Diary of a Wombat), has played two sold out runs at Sydney Opera House, toured to Abu Dhabi International Arts Festival and four times to China, and returned to Sydney Opera House again in fall 2019.

This production requires a local string quintet to perform alongside the two touring performers. This is a perfect residency opportunity to engage high school, college, or community musicians, who can be integrated into the performance in a rehearsal with the company that can coincide with the load-in. The production can also work with local professionals with less advance rehearsal required.

Best for: Grades PreK – 2nd (Ages 3-7 years)

Audience Size: Small, Medium, & Large Venues

Trailer Video features Simon Tedeschi,

from 2020 Sydney Opera House Season

Trailer featuring Simon Tedeschi 

from original 2013 Sydney Opera House Babies Proms run.

Please contact us to watch a full length archival recording.

Curriculum Connections

Curriculum Connections
  • Performing Arts:  Music, theatre, song, dance, musicianship, opera

  • Fine Arts: Music, Opera, Composition, Conducting, Classical Instruments

  • Social Studies: Culture - European classical music and its influence on world music.

  • History: The life and times of Mozart, Fashion in the 18th Century

  •  Emotional/community development: Instilling the joy of classical music in young people. Collaboration: String quintet parts suitable for local musicians of a professional or high standard provides an opportunity for deeper community engagement, collaboration and development opportunities. Creativity.

Outreach and Workshops


This performance includes a post show exchange with the cast/ musicians allows young audiences to meet the cast/ musicians, and explore/learn about the instruments, scores and themes of Mozart’s greatest works. An informal and relaxed environment encourages deep engagement and learning in an environment that is fun, participatory and inclusive.

If you are interested in adding a piano master class with Simon Tedeschi to your engagement, please contact us for more details.

“Relaxed” or “Sensory Friendly” Performances

This performance is also available as a “sensory friendly” or “relaxed” performance if arranged with the company in advance and with specific direction as to what adjustments are necessary for your venue.  

Minimum Technical Requirements

Minimum Tech
  • Load In Time: approximately 3 hours (with pre-rig) and followed by a 1-2 hour Dress Rehearsal on stage.

  • Crew Needs: 2 Lighting, 1 Audio, and 1 stage crew for load in (roles could be combined if allowed by venue regulations); 1 Lighting, 1 Audio for show run. 

  • Min. Stage Size: 26ft width x 13ft deep with 3 ft wings each side.

  • Sound Needs: Mics and monitors for instruments and performers: 2 x wireless headset mics for actor/pianists and fixed mics for String Quintet. Monitors (flown or placed at feet of quintet / front of stage) for all performers.

  • Load Out Time: 1 hour

  • This production requires a local string quintet to perform alongside the two touring performers. This is a perfect residency opportunity to engage high school, college, or community orchestra musicians, who can be integrated into the performance in a rehearsal with the company that coincides with the load-in. The production can also work with local professionals with less advance rehearsal required. The local quintet will participate in 4-6 hours of company-led rehearsal, depending on level of musicianship: 2-3 hours of music rehearsal, a 1 hour rehearsal room run, and 1-2 hours of Dress Rehearsal on stage.  Final rehearsal schedule and hours to be mutually agreed upon prior to engagement.

Artistic Team

Artistic Team

Produced by CDP Theatre Producers

Written by Simon Tedeschi, Eva Di Cesare & Tim McGarry
Directed by Eva Di Cesare

Critical Acclaim

"What a delight! Meeting Mozart... has a way of reminding you of the power of music to connect and transform us.... Highly recommended. Take your kids or borrow someone else’s."

"The music was beautiful, the performance engaging and funny….. Very, very clever indeed."       

—North Shore Mums

"A beautifully cast and expertly-woven performance filled with songs, dance and comedy, which captured the imaginations of children and grown-ups alike…a charming and informative glimpse into the life, loves and compositions of one of the world’s most important musical influences."

—Alphabet Street

"The best suited Mozart works for little ones. When the whole audience sings “twinkle twinkle little star” , I really feel under a starry sky.”

—Audience member, China tour

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Critical Acclaim

Check out this preview article and interview with Simon Tedeschi in Time Out Dubai!

Company Background


Past Tour: The 13-Story Treehouse


CDP Theatre Producers is a boutique producer based in Sydney. The company is Australia’s largest producer of work for young audiences, creating award winning theatre of the highest quality. CDP adapts the world’s best children’s books for the stage for 0-12 year olds and their families, working with Australia’s highest calibre artists. The company tours more widely than any other theatre company across Australia, and are committed to producing work which engages, educates, inspires and challenges audiences, whilst remaining relevant and accessible.


Founded 25 years ago by Christine Dunstan and today led by Co-Directors Andrew Threlfall and Yolande White, CDP have produced 79 productions (35 for young audiences), seen by over five-million people across 55 Australian and 15 international tours to the USA, Singapore, Hong Kong, New Zealand, UAE, Holland and China. CDP have two major International co-productions in Holland and the UK and  have won multiple theatre awards.


Works in the repertoire include ’The 13-Story Treehouse’ (and 4 other shows in the series), Mr. Stink, Billionaire Boy, as well as the Australian co-productions (with Tall Stories, UK) of The Gruffalo, The Gruffalo's Child and Room on the Broom. CDP also co-produced 16 works for ‘The Sydney Opera House Babies Proms’ series, which includes ‘Meeting Mozart’.


For more information, please visit the company’s website: 

Past Productions

Gallery of Past Productions

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