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Produced by Red Sky Performance

From Toronto, Ontario

About the Company


This digital engagement includes 2 week unlimited access to a password-protected prerecorded video link hosted on Vimeo.

Red Sky Performance’s acclaimed production MISTATIM is now available as a digital reimagining!  An unforgettable story of reconciliation, MISTATIM is about the taming of a wild horse and the truest of friendships. Under a prairie sky, a simple wooden fence is all that separates Calvin on his ranch and Speck on her reservation, but in many ways the two 11 year olds are worlds apart... That is, until a wild horse named Mistatim turns both of their worlds upside down. 


This theatre and dance performance uses mask work, image projections, and movement to create an action-packed drama about two young people finding their own strength and place in their families.  At first, Calvin tries to “break” the horse to impress his father, but Speck takes a different approach, working gently to gain the animal’s trust.  As Speck and Calvin bond over Mistatim, the boundaries between their cultures fade. Calvin learns the history of Speck’s people, many of whom were separated from their families and put in residential schools. In sharing this past, we see Speck begin to heal and Calvin experience a greater awareness of untold stories around him.… A delicate friendship is born between the three. And eventually, they are able to ride Mistatim and experience the freedom that comes from trust. 


In this moving story, themes of environmental care, responsibility, and empowerment are expressed through the sharing of Indiginous values and perspectives.   A collaboration between Red Sky Performance and the Toronto Symphony Orchestra, in association with Crow’s Theatre, the digital version of MISTATIM features music co-created by Indigenous music creators and TSO musicians.

Best for: Grades 2nd-8th (Ages 7-13)

MISTATIM trailer

Please contact us to receive a link to the full length performance

Curriculum Connections

Curriculum Connections

  • Language Arts: Storytelling, Native-American Language, Mythology, Folk Tales, Oral Histories and Communication

  • Science: Animals and Habitats, Relationship and Care for the Environment

  • Social Studies: Native-American/First Nations studies, Traditions and Celebrations, North American History, Indigenous (Native American) Education and Indigenous (Native American) Issues

  • Fine Arts: Dance, Drama, Mask work, Choreography and Movement

Digital Tech Specs

Digital Tech Specs

This performance is available as a prerecorded link hosted on Red Sky Performance's password protected Vimeo site.

 Each presenting venue will receive their own unique video link with the following possible models.


A Standard Educational Engagement includes:

  • 2 weeks of Unlimited Educational Access for Schools (within 60 miles of Venue)

  • A custom password protected link with full pre-recorded high quality video, hosted on Vimeo

  • A sample study guide (pdf) and digital chapter guide (pdf)

  • Additional activities such as live online workshops, masterclasses, etc... available for separate fee with scheduling TBD mutually


A Public Family Engagement includes:

  • 1 weekend of Access for Public Audiences (within 60 miles of Venue)

  • A custom password protected link with full pre-recorded high quality video, hosted on Vimeo

  • A sample study guide (pdf) and digital chapter guide (pdf)

  • Additional activities such as live online workshops, masterclasses, etc... available for separate fee with scheduling TBD mutually

Please talk to us if you are looking to serve both school and family audiences with this digital presentation and we can combine models for the appropriate access.

Artistic Team

Concept & Director: Sandra Laronde
Playwright: Erin Shields
Choreography: Carlos Rivera, Sandra Laronde
Music & Sound Design by Rick Sacks, and featuring Bryden Gwiss, Lancelot Knight, Stan Louttit, and Mali Obomsawin, recorded vocals Nelson Tagoona, arranged by Gary Kulesha
Director of Photography & Lighting by Alexander Granger
Projection & Video Design by Ryan Webber
Video Editing by Robert DiVito
Recording Engineering by Paul Hodge
Original Sta​ge Play Set Design by Andrew Moro

Artistic Team

Critical Acclaim

Critical Acclaim

Nominated for a Dora Mavor Moore Award for Outstanding Production
Winner of Best Script, Best Direction, and Best Production by Youth Drama Awards in China

“Mistatim vibrates with energetic freedom and thrilling eye-opening discovery.” -NNNN 4-star review – NOW Magazine

"Brilliant Story and Storytelling. Timely. To cover so much ground that is relevant and important, within an engaging and surprisingly emotional tale, in under an hour without being heavy-handed, is an achievement of great value. Should be a required part of school curriculum. Kids will likely learn way more here [through Mistatim] than from any classroom lecture. Thanks for the great performance, Red Sky!" –Dr. Lorne Rothman, Toronto


"This show is exactly what the teachers at this school needed to see in order to realize that when we implement an Indigenous element in every class next year, they don’t need to be afraid and don’t need to withhold. Children can handle the truth (of the residential school system) if we are willing to tell them." –Vice-Principal, Okanagan Valley, British Columbia


"The show was delightful, and the students and families from our school were thrilled by the entire experience! They [the children] were ON FIRE excited. "Those are MY PEOPLE!" said one of the girls! "I think we might be related" came from one of the kids who took photos! Amazing - they are connecting possibilities, seeing themselves in a light they would have never imagined before! These experiences change our students' future, allowing them to see what is POSSIBLE!!! The joy and excitement was inspiring and beautiful! THANK YOU!"
–Carla Pauls, School Counsellor, Exshaw Public School, Alberta

Company Background


Red Sky Performance's Past Tours: Mistatim (live in 2016 and 2015), Great Mountain, and Raven Stole the Sun

Red Sky Performance is a leading company of contemporary Indigenous performance in Canada and worldwide.

From the company's website:

Our mission is to create inspiring experiences of contemporary Indigenous arts and culture that transform society. We drive our passion forward and elevate Indigenous arts and culture in ways that celebrate, uplift, and respect Indigenous cultures.

Now in our 21st year of performance (dance, theatre, music and media), Red Sky’s work highlights the originality and power of contemporary performance, enabling new creations to expand the breadth and scope of Indigenous-made work in Canada.

The vision of Red Sky Performance derives from its creator Sandra Laronde (Misko Kizhigoo Migizii Kwe) which means “Red Sky Eagle Woman” in Anishinaabemowin (Ojibway) language from the Teme-Augama Anishinaabe (People of the Deep Water). Her vision is dedicated to expanding and elevating the ecology of contemporary performance informed by Indigenous worldview and culture.

Laronde’s concept of performance explores the relationship between movement, live music, theatricality, and image. Her engagement in these disciplines involves collaborations with dancers, musicians, composers, choreographers, visual artists, actors, writers, designers, researchers, and culture keepers are integral to Red Sky Performance’s distinct productions.

We provide many opportunities to emerging and established artists as they hone their artistic practice through a collaborative Indigenous process, offering unique opportunities for these practitioners to thrive creatively and professionally.

Touring since 2003, we have delivered over 2,755 performances across Canada including international performances in 17 countries on four continents, including two Cultural Olympiads (Beijing and Vancouver), World Expo in Shanghai, Venice Biennale, and Jacob’s Pillow, among others. At the same time, we remain deeply rooted and invested on a grassroots level and regularly perform in urban, rural, and reserve communities across Turtle Island.

We are the recipient of 16 Dora Mavor Moore awards and nominations, two Canadian Aboriginal Music Awards, three International Youth Drama Awards from Shenzhen, China, and the Smithsonian Expressive Award, among other recognitions.

More than Dance, we are a Movement.

Past Productions
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