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 Fall 2022 Message from HAA Co-Directors:

Hello friend,

As we journey forward into a new season, we reflect on our past experiences, our hopes, our fears, our dreams, and critically, our partners. Over our many years, we have had countless conversations, in person, over the phone, over email, and now over Zoom. Those conversations have led to thousands of performances. Those performances have blossomed into mutually beneficial relationships between our artists, our programmers, and the audience. It is our honor to work in this field and, together, bring the performing arts into the hearts and minds of millions of young people and families.  We embark on this next year with gratitude for our past and excitement for our future.


We are proud to offer 13 productions for the 2023-2024 season. Many of these shows, like The University of Wonder and Imagination from Cahoots NI and Tomás and the Library Lady from Childsplay, celebrate curiosity and love of learning. Some productions share legends and tales from around the world such as The Carp Who Not Quit and Other Animal Stories from Honolulu Theater for Youth and the brand-new Talking Birds and Golden Fish from David Gonzalez. Others reimagine classic stories such as Cenicienta: A Bilingual Cinderella Story from Glass Half Full Theatre, The Boy Who Cried Wolf from tutti frutti, Hotel Elsinore from Susanna Hammett, and Call of the Wild from Theatre Heroes. We have productions that tackle fear and painful history as part of the journey towards healing and freedom such as Finding North from David Gonzalez & Daniel Carlton, The Vanishing Elephant from Cahoots NI, and The Pa’akai We Bring from Honolulu Theater for Youth. And we have experiences that are deeply playful and full of surprise like Poli Pola from BRUSH Theater and the interactive portrait-installation piece I See You Like This from Jessica Wilson. We also have a new relationship with the joyful Latin Grammy-award winning music duo 123 Andrés. Each of these productions contain many points of connection for both educators and families. We encourage you to spend some time with each offering and imagine the experience it could bring to your audience. We also have live and virtual offerings for 2022-2023 if you are still booking for the current season.


We know the recovery from the pandemic has been a challenging time, especially for teachers and students. We believe these shows will support and inspire young people and school groups across North America.  We know too that families are looking for experiences that bring them closer and that bring them joy. We believe these shows will become special memories that your audience of all ages will treasure for years to come.  This is an important time to be creating and presenting art. And we are committed to working closely with you to help plan meaningful and fun engagements for your community.


Here’s to more experiences together!


All our best,

Spring, Stacy, and Sarah

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