Produced by Terrapin Puppet Theatre 

of Tasmania, Australia

About the Company

The island is sinking. Its adults are useless. Time for the kids to save the day.


When the island of Proud Circle springs a leak, its citizens must find a way to stop their home from disappearing. It takes the bright mind of a child to save the island, its people and their ways.   Adventures happen, horizons widen, and important things are said.


From the mind of Australia’s most accomplished children’s playwright, Finegan Kruckemeyer, comes a tale of wonder and invention that is brought to life in unexpected ways. Storytelling, choreographed projections and live drawing animation explore the plight of refugees fleeing environmental change through the eyes of a child. Step inside a picture book with an artist and storyteller, amidst a paper set that is cut, ripped, patched and manipulated live to create a world of play.


This touring production has a vital residency component. For each residency, Terrapin will work with a local narrator from the presenting community. This collaboration between the touring company and local artists means that each performance is unique. Not only will each performance reflect its local community, it will also capture the spirit of cultural exchange that is at the heart of the play.

The script for You and Me and the Space Between was co-commissioned by Terrapin and the Honolulu Theatre for Youth. 

Past engagements of You and Me and the Space Between include:
2017: Edinburgh International Children’s Festival
2017: Ten Days on the Island, Tasmania
2017: Sydney Festival
2016: Darwin Festival
2016: Brisbane Festival
2016: Melbourne Festival

Past productions:  Boats, Love, and I Think I Can

Best for Grades: 3rd + up

Audience Size: Small to Medium Venues

Please contact us to watch a full length archival recording.



Company Background

Past Tours: I Think I Can, Love, and Boats

Terrapin makes contemporary puppetry for young audiences, touring nationally and internationally.  It creates work for theatres and interactive installations for public spaces, telling sophisticated stories of humor and pathos and embracing new technologies inspired by the age-old craft of puppetry.

Terrapin designs its productions to tour and aims to have its work presented to diverse audiences globally. Many of its works are designed so they can be presented in languages other than English through the engagement of local artists wherever the work is presented.


The company’s work has been presented by the Vancouver International Children’s Festival, Taipei Children's Art Festival, Festival De Betovering (The Netherlands), Belfast International Children’s Festival, Lincoln Centre (New York), Sydney Opera House and Melbourne International Arts Festival, amongst many others, and in 2017, the company presented a bespoke version of its interactive installation I Think I Can at the Royal Shakespeare Company at Stratford-upon-Avon.

For more information, please visit the company’s website.  


Artistic Team

Director: Sam Routledge
Writer: Finegan Kruckemeyer
Designer: Jonathon Oxlade
Composer & Musician: Dean Stevenson
Lighting Designer: Nicholas Higgins
Consultant: Ian Pidd
Puppeteer: Felicity Horsley

Artist: Tom O’Hern
Production Manager: Andrew MacDonald

Narrator: engaged locally 

Critical Acclaim

Tasmania’s Terrapin Puppet Theatre makes theatre quite unlike any other company.

—Daily Review

The different elements used to tell the story combine harmoniously and winningly. An engaging opportunity to see a children’s picture book come to life.


Kruckemeyer has created a universal, poignant allegory of the refugee plight which resonates with all ages, and Terrapin’s telling of it is inventive and charming.

—Australian Stage

This illustrated adventure story emerges, under the direction of Sam Routledge, with great charm.

—The Age

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Gallery of Past Productions


Curriculum Connections

  • Fine Arts: Performance and Technology, Puppetry, Set Design

  • Language Arts: Creative Writing, Story-Telling, Alliteration, Similes, Character

  • Social Studies: Environmental and Civic Responsibility, the plight of Refugees

  • Science: Islands, Buoyancy, Climate Change

  • Emotional/Social Development: Problem Solving, Courage, Empathy, Community


Minimum Technical Requirements

  • Load In Time: 18 hrs (with lights pre-rigged)

  • Crew Needs:  3 stage crew, 2 lighting crew, 1 sound crew

  • Min. Stage Size: 33’ width x 26’ depth x 15’ height. 3’ of wing space both sides.

  • Sound/Technology Needs: The audio is both live and pre-recorded. Company tours with all of the A/V equipment.

  • Load Out Time: 3 hrs


Outreach and Workshops

Sensory Friendly Performances:
This performance is available as a “sensory friendly” or “relaxed” performance if arranged with the company in advance and with specific direction as to what adjustments are necessary for your venue.

ph: 512-477-1859 | fx: 512-477-3908 | email: | P.O. Box 49036 | Austin, TX 78765
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