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Based on the book by Bette Bao Lord

Adapted for the stage by Mark Branner

Produced by Honolulu Theatre for Youth

From Honolulu, HI

About the Company
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In 1947, the Year of the Boar, a young girl leaves China with her parents for a new beginning in America... But it's harder than she expected. Though her classmates in Brooklyn come from a variety of backgrounds, Shirley is the only one who doesn't speak English, and she worries that she will never have a friend.


But through a new love of the Brooklyn Dodgers (especially her hero Jackie Robinson), Shirley begins to feel at home. Based on the book by Bette Bao Lord and told through humor, Chinese and English, and a rich multimedia staging, the play celebrates the
bravery and sacrifice of those who bring new perspectives to our country.


Additional titles also available from the company include I Lala Mauliola and virtual offerings of: The Carp Who Would Not Quit and Duke.

Best for Grades: 3rd+
Best for Audience Size: Small, Medium, Large

Contact us to view the archival full length performance.


Curriculum Connections

  • Fine Arts: Performance, Film, Puppetry, Multi-media design

  • Language Arts: Oral History Interviews, traditional fables

  • History/Social Studies: American Immigration Narratives; 1940s-1950s, Civil Rights Movement, Baseball History

  • Social/Emotional Learning Development: Bravery, Resilience, Community, Racism, Self-Awareness, Social Awareness, Self Management, and Relationship Skills.

Outreach & Workshops

Please contact us if additional remote outreach or workshops is something you'd like to explore. A member of the creative team may be available to deliver pre or post show workshops or a live Q&A for participating audiences. Please connect with us about outreach activities that best engage your teachers and schools. 


Artistic Team

Artistic Team

The Cast:

Rachael Uyeno
Qiaoer Zheng

Director: Eric Johnson

Set, Light, & Projection Design: Chelsey Cannon
Costume Design: Iris Kim
Sound Design: Barrett Hoover

Critical Acclaim

Critical Acclaim

Coming soon!

About the Company

About the Company

Honolulu Theatre for Youth (HTY) produces professional theatre and drama education programs that make a difference in the lives of young people, families and educators in the state of Hawaii.

HTY believes that drama education and theatre are unique, socially-based education and art forms that help their participants and audiences walk in the shoes of others, allowing them to expand their imaginations, enrich their lives and discover the infinite possibilities in the world. HTY works towards a future for Hawaii in which people are culturally literate and imaginative, are critical thinkers and inventive problem solvers, with a respect for history and a sense of place in a complex world.

Founded in 1955, HTY is one of the oldest and most respected children’s theatres in the country. HTY has served over five million people through school and family performances and drama education programs. Over 300 new plays for young audiences have been commissioned by HTY.

HTY has used their talents in new ways during the Covid era and, with a partnership with NMG Network and Hawaii News Now, created a new type of children’s television program. Grounded in their geography and the many diverse cultures that make Hawaii special, the program is unlike anything currently available in children’s television and marks the beginning of a hybrid future for HTY as both theatre and digital media creator.  Check out  HTY's television show THE HI WAY as well as other information about the company and their work on their website here.

Past Productions

Gallery of Past Productions

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