Based on fairy tales by Oscar Wilde

Produced by Tall Stories

From London, England

About the Company


A motley crew of storytelling musicians bring Oscar Wilde’s classic fairy tales to life in Tall Stories’ magical new show, direct from London’s West End and Sydney Opera House.


Once upon a time there was a town that was dark and grey. The North Wind blew coldly through the streets and in the town square there was an empty platform where the statue of the Happy Prince had once stood. There is to be a new statue – but of whom? Which of the townsfolk is important enough to be immortalized in stone and raised above everyone else?


Characters from “The Devoted Friend”, “The Nightingale and the Rose” and “The Birthday of the Infanta” spring to life as the town’s pompous mayor, the love-sick student,  and the petulant princess all compete to become the new town statue, and the audience votes on whose values deserve to be celebrated.


Hauntingly beautiful tales are told with original live music, imaginative storytelling and a generous dash of comedy.  A fantastical journey through palaces, forests and beyond…

Best for Grades: 1st-6th

Audience Size: Medium to Large Venues

Please contact us to watch a full length archival recording.



Company Background

Past Tours include: Emily Brown and the Thing; The Gruffalo;The Gruffalo’s ChildSnail and the Whale; and Room on the Broom


Tall Stories brings great stories to life for audiences of all ages. The company was founded in 1997 by joint artistic directors Olivia Jacobs and Toby Mitchell, who have co-created all the company’s shows since then.


Tall Stories is a registered charity which has become internationally recognised for its exciting blend of storytelling theatre, original music and lots of laughs. The company’s unique brand of physical storytelling theatre has toured from Cornwall to Aberdeen and from New York to Sydney.

Check out this incredible Broadway World UK interview with Director Olivia Jacobs about Tall Stories' 20 year history and their newest work WILDE CREATURES!

For more information, please visit the company's website.


Artistic Team

Original Cast:
Guitar: Matt Jopling

Violin: Tom Jude

Bass: Steve McCourt

Clarinet: Lauren Silver

Company Stage Manager: Fiona McCulloch


Director/Writer: Olivia Jacobs

Writer/Director: Toby Mitchell

Designer: Barney George

Music and Lyrics: Jon Fiber and Andy Shaw for JollyGoodTunes 

Lighting Designer: Peter Harrison

Choreographer: Morag Cross

Puppet Design: Yvonne Stone

Design Assistant: Nina Grainger-patel

Production Manager (UK): Seb Cannings

Costume Supervisor: Martin Rodges

West End press and Publicity: Jo Allan PR

Publicity Design: Dewynters

Scenic Construction: kd productions

Carpentry: Charlie MacGinty

Transport: CEG Logistics

Produced by Tall Stories and Nica Burns Productions

Critical Acclaim

"Wilde Creatures may be Tall Stories best show to date...[the]Team behind The Gruffalo hit the spot with this lively and entertaining re-telling of Oscar Wilde's fairy tales....Each tale has a moral heart beating within it, gently shared with wit and skill by the performers, and aided by Barney George's ingenious design, that evolves with each story. ***** (5 stars!)

"Each of the stories is told with constant inventiveness and charm by the cast... More richly entertaining, resonant and heartening than many a grown-up show. "

"The lyrics are clever and witty, the choreography is fun and creative and the cast bring it all together in spectacular fashion...Wilde Creatures finds the balance: letting the shadows feel dark and shining a light to banish the clouds. The design of the show is fabulous. Both the set and the costume design were so seamlessly woven into the story telling, they felt like extra cast members. From the West End in London to the Sydney Opera House, Tall Stories has honed Wilde Creatures to perfection and this joyful, beautifully crafted telling of tales is spectacular. "

"The Wilde Creatures are a raggle-taggle band of storytelling actor-musicians who bring the characters to vivid life... This thoughtful show, enlivened by jaunty music and lyrics, has a brain as well as a heart."

"Adaptors Olivia Jacobs and Toby Mitchell succeed in capturing the nuance and intricacy of Wilde's texts while updating them for a modern, theatrical audience. "

"What a wonderful show, filled with music, energy, story-telling and gentle audience inclusion... Kept the audience entertained and connected throughout..."

- Emily, Audience Member

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Gallery of Past Productions


2018/2019 Dates

See Performances of WILDE CREATURES:
August 2-26, 2018 at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in Edinburgh, Scotland
November 28-December 30, 2018 atWarwick Arts Centre in Coventry, UK
January 30-February 3, 2019 at Hong Kong Performing Arts Centre in Hong Kong, China

Or see the company on the road with EMILY BROWN AND THE THING in spring 2019.

Curriculum Connections

  • Literature: Reading – suggested works: "The Happy Prince and Other Tales and A House of Pomegranates" by Oscar Wilde. The production includes references to "The Happy Prince", “The Devoted Friend”, “The Nightingale and the Rose” and “The Birthday of the Infanta”

  • Fine Arts: Theater, Music, Production Design, Adapting a play from short stories

  • Language Arts: Symbolism, Narrative, Comprehension, Writing, Vocabulary, Role-playing, Storytelling, Imagination

  • Emotional/Social Development: Problem Solving, Compassion, Ethical Behavior,Integrity, Leadership, Sacrifice, Friendship


Sample Study Guides


Minimum Technical Requirements

Load In Time: 4.5 hours (with lights pre-hung)
Crew Needs: 4
Min. Stage Size: 24' width x 20' depth x 12' height. 
Sound: Company requires the use of in-house PA system, digital sound desk (Behringer X32 compact or similar), 8 channels of radio mics, 8mic packs, 4 mic heads, 4 quarter-inch jack cables to connect to mic packs.
Load Out Time: 1- 2hours


Outreach and Workshops

With advance notice, Tall Stories can offer additional workshop or outreach opportunities and pre/post performance events. Possible activities include:


Tall Stories present Small Stories

Tall Stories present a workshop, which looks at some of the ways they use to tell stories in their shows. Find out how to create a story in pictures, how to create a character using your body – and then tell your own story in small groups. The workshop is a fast-moving, enjoyable introduction to storytelling in theatre – using games, freeze frames and well-known tales. Lots of fun – dress in loose clothes!

  • Duration: 1 hour

  • Max no of pupils: Ideally 20 

  • Age suitability: Suitable for 5 to 8 year olds. (Teacher must be present)

  • Room: A clear, self contained room large enough for the number of participants and preferably not the theatre space itself.


“Relaxed” or “Sensory Friendly” Performances

This performance is also available as a “sensory friendly” or “relaxed” performance if arranged with the company in advance and with specific direction as to what adjustments are necessary for your venue.  Tall Stories frequently holds Sensory Friendly performances, signed/audio described performances, pre-show touch tours, and more. The company can provide a sample visual guide to the story for Sensory Performances and discuss any other aids that would be useful.

ph: 512-477-1859 | email: sk@holdenarts.org | P.O. Box 49036 | Austin, TX 78765