Produced by Terrapin Puppet Theatre 

of Tasmania, Australia

About the Company


Terrapin re-imagines everyone’s favorite characters from the famous fairytale into the small town of Grinalong. 

Grinalong was once famous for the car race, The Grinalong Classic. Fifty years ago the race stopped when a wolf that lived in nearby Tangled Woods destroyed racing cars and the drivers fled in terror. Now, the new Mayor has a plan to bring back Grinalong’s glory days, and re-launches the race. But it soon becomes obvious that he is more interested in furthering his own ambitions and lining his pockets than helping the town. With everything she knows and loves at stake, Red must convince her mechanically savvy Gran to let her compete and overcome her own fears in the process.

The story is inventively brought to life using slot car racing, with cameras situated around the circuit magnifying the action and projecting it live onscreen, putting the audience in the driving seat as they follow Red on her adventure. Featuring wonderful performances, a high-energy soundtrack and the puppetry, Red Racing Hood is not to be missed. Catch it before it races away!

Past productions:  Boats ,   I Think I Can

Best for Grades: 1st – 5th

Audience Size: Small to Medium Venues

Please contact us to watch a full length archival recording.



Company Background

Past Tours: I Think I Can, Love, and Boats

Established for over 35 years, Terrapin is the centre of excellence for contemporary puppetry in Australia, creating puppetry-based performances for all ages.

Telling sophisticated stories of humor and pathos, the company embraces new technologies whilst remaining true to the wonder and illusion resident in the age-old craft of puppetry. In its productions, the company aims to inspire families by encouraging them to express the power of their collective imagination through inventive play with the objects and devices that surround them.

Terrapin injects skills and programs into the Tasmanian community, supporting and developing artists, and touring nationally and internationally.

Some recent highlights for Terrapin include: 

  • Four tours to North America and four tours to China and Hong Kong. 

  • I Think I Can staged in three Tasmanian festivals, two Canadian festivals, most Australian capital cities, and is now touring in Europe and Asia. 

  • Winning the 2012 Helpmann Award for Best Presentation for Children, for Boats

  • Over 400 performances of Boats being staged across Australia and worldwide, and with a Chinese language version touring in China. 


For more information, please visit the company’s website:  


Artistic Team

Written by Sean Monro
Directed by Sam Routledge
Composed by Heath Brown
Lighting and AV Design by Jason James

Puppet Maker and Set Dresser by Jill Munro

Slot Car Track Maker by Mr Slotcar

Critical Acclaim

It’s eye-poppingly rich and complex.... They mine all the humour and the genuine drama of this entertaining tale.

—The Mercury

The appeal of Red Racing Hood covers many generations, keeping the young children in the audience as engaged as their parents, grandparents and friends… The adults really loved it, revelling in the many levels of humour, delivered by energetic actors with terrific timing. A clever, lovely, funny show!

—Stage Whispers

The quirky, cleverly designed set allows the three talented performer/puppeteers to inhabit and animate this action-packed show as it jumps between scales and atmospheres, between racing action and domestic drama.  Overall this is a great children’s show, perhaps perfectly pitched for a primary school audience, and the audience I sat amongst certainly loved it.

—Write Response

Loved it! Adults and children alike. Probably our favourite children's theatre in a long while.

—Audience member

Just brilliant. First question at the end said it all – “Can we watch it again?”

—Riana Primary School

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Gallery of Past Productions


Curriculum Connections

  • Fine Arts: Performance and Technology, Puppetry, Set Design

  • Language Arts: Fairy Tale Adaptations, Creative Writing, Story Telling

  • Social Studies: Environmental and Civic Responsibility

  • Science: Noise Pollution, Animals in our Environment, Mechanical Engineering

  • Emotional/Social Development: Problem Solving, Courage, Community


Minimum Technical Requirements

  • Load In Time: 5 hours (with lights prehung)

  • Crew Needs: 5 people needed for loadin (1 sound/AV, 2 lighting, 2 stage hands), 1 for performance, 2 for load out.

  • Min. Stage Size: 23’ 4” wide x 26’8” deep (at its deepest point) & 15’ height (to grid) & 5 ft of wing space on each side. The stage needs to be a flat (no rake), black with a matt or low sheen finish. There needs to be access from the auditorium to the stage during the performance.  Recommended maximum audience depth is 50ft. from stage edge to back row.

  • Sound/Media Needs: Company tours with all A/V equipment. The show uses 1 digital projector and rear projection screen or a flat screen TV, depending on the venue, with signal coming from the audio laptop and 3 cameras providing live feed. Audio is both live and pre-­recorded, with the pre-­recorded audio being played from a laptop (toured) running Qlab, connected into the house system. The 3 performers are fitted with radio mics (toured). 

  • Load Out Time: 2 hrs


Outreach and Workshops

Sensory Friendly Performances:
This performance is available as a “sensory friendly” or “relaxed” performance if arranged with the company in advance and with specific direction as to what adjustments are necessary for your venue.

ph: 512-477-1859 | fx: 512-477-3908 | email: | P.O. Box 49036 | Austin, TX 78765
Red Racing Hood