Produced by Tapestry Dance Company

from Austin, Texas

About the Company

From the heartbeat of life that we all share to the a-rhythmic noise of conflict, racial divide, and miscommunication, Tapestry Dance Company takes a diverse and dynamic look at “The American Dream.” How does an individual navigate through the complexities of race, culture, gender identity, and equal rights? This work poses these questions through a tapestry of unique individual voices and stories.  Through historical traditions and new works of tap dance set to a diversified musical score of spoken-word poetry, hip-hop, jazz and American classics, Tapestry sets a rhythm of communication, hope and healing in our “what’s politically correct?” world.


With this performance, there is the opportunity for 3 “guest artist” roles that could be performed by students, community members, and/or local artists. Responding to statements “I am” and “I will”, these guest artists would share their stories along side the Tapestry ensemble.


This production is available as a two-hour long full concert or as an hour-long version of for school matinees, and the company can offer residency workshops/Master Classes for dancers of all levels/ages.

Best for General Audiences, Grades 3rd + up

Audience Size:  Medium to Large Venues

Please contact us to watch the full length archival recording.



Company Background

Tapestry Dance Company is the world's only full-time professional repertory tap dance company. Founded in 1989 by rhythm tap dancer Acia Gray and ballet/jazz artist Deirdre Strand for the purpose of developing a foundation in multi-form dance performance and education. Initially a performing company of three, the non-profit dance organization has expanded to a professional company of seven resident artists, a diversified administrative and production support staff and a pre-professional and adult training facility in Austin, TX sharing the unique Strand/ Gray training syllabus. Tapestry Dance Company shares the power of dance through numerous events and programs sponsored by individual contributors, corporations, the National Endowment for the Arts, the City of Austin and the Texas Commission on the Arts as well as its wonderful audiences and touring sponsors. These programs include seasonal multi-form concert premieres, The Annual Soul to Sole Festival, community outreach programs such as Rhythm, Dance, Music & You!, numerous master classes and workshops in modern, jazz, ballet and rhythm tap as well as touring residencies throughout the country. The company is also proud to have hosted numerous Austin based as well as international dance and music artists such as Fayard Nicholas, Arthur Duncan, Brenda Bufalino, Gregory Hines, Sarah Petronio, Bill Evans, Suzanna Sharpe and the Samba Police, Dee McCandless, Dianne Walker, James Clouser, Tina Marsh and the Creative Opportunity Orchestra and many, many others. As member of The Texas Commission on the Arts, The Mid- American Arts Alliance and Heartland touring programs over the past 25 years, the multiform choreographic works and training of Tapestry Dance Company have been lovingly woven throughout the U.S. and abroad to include Cyprus, Britain, Austria, the Czech Republic, Spain, Ireland and Canada as well as the award winning National Endowment for the Arts: Masterpiece Dance production of Acia Gray’s The Souls of Our Feet – A Celebration of American Tap Dance that toured the US and a 5 week tour of The People’s Republic of China. The company has been honored by numerous “Best of” awards by The Austin Chronicle as well as Best Dance Company, Best Dance Production and Best Ensemble by the Austin Critics Table Awards. Tapestry’s Artistic Director Acia Gray is also a premiere member of the Austin Arts Hall of Fame.


For more information, please visit the company’s website: 


Artistic Team

Concept & Direction: Acia Gray
Production Design: Stephen Pruitt
Principal Dancers: Jeremy Arnold, Siobhan Cook, Andrea Torres, and Acia Gray
Guest Artist, Spoken Poet: Zell Miller III

Critical Acclaim


taps the capacity of complexity, subtlety and risk ...

—The Austin Chronicle

We understand how surprisingly easy it can be to find yourself in another’s shoes, shoes you never thought you’d wear.

—The American Statesman

augmenting percussive feet, body percussion and enthusiasm...

—New York Times

Reminds us in every exquisite kick, step, shuffle, buck and wing, and rat-a-tat tapped out by this exuberant troupe that tap is a living form, that it always has been and always deserves to be.


Vancouver, CAN

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Gallery of Past Productions


2017/2018 Dates

January 25-26, 2018 at City of Kent Arts Commission in Kent, WA

January 30, 2018 at Texarkana Regional Arts & Humanities Council in Texarkana, TX

Curriculum Connections

  • Language Arts: Role playing, Problem solving, Imagination, Storytelling

  • Fine Arts: Dance and Movement, Rhythm Tap, Spoken Word Poetry, Music

  • History: Civil Rights, The American Dream, American History & Culture

  • Emotional/Social Development: Perception, Stereotypes, Racism, Tolerance, Compassion


Minimum Technical Requirements

  • Min. Stage Size:  A wooden deck or masonite over a wood floor. With set: 44' W x 30' D x 20’ H (or 32’ W x 30’ D x 15’ H - no set.)

  • Load In Time: 5 hours - minimal tech school show (no set); Or 8 hours - one act with set;  Or 14 hours - two-hour full show with set.

  • Crew Needs: Up to 10 Crew for Load-in/Load-out; 3 Crew to Run Show.

  • AV Needs: High volume stage monitor & main mix with EQ / A stereo DI to accept audio input from a Mac laptop / Two (2) handheld wireless microphones on straight stands / Up to five (5) wireless high quality headset microphones, depending on number of guest artists / Seven (7) Crown PCC 160 microphones, or equivalent boundary microphones with a half-cardioid pick-up pattern/ Front or rear video projection system with 5K lumens or more, capable of receiving an HDMI video signal from a Macintosh laptop computer.

  • Load Out Time: 2 Hours.


Outreach and Workshops

Community Participation

With this performance, there is the opportunity for 3 “guest artist” roles that could be performed by students, community members, and/or local artists. Responding to statements “I am” and “I will”, these guest artists would share their stories along side the Tapestry ensemble (to be performed live by community participants or by the Company.) 


Workshops/Master Classes

The company can also offer residency workshops/Master Classes for dancers of all levels and ages, including: Tap, Body Percussion, and “I am/I will” With Movement (for approximately 25 people per group for 1 hour.) 


Sensory Friendly Performances

This performance is available as a “sensory friendly” or “relaxed” performance if arranged with the company in advance and with specific discussion as to what adjustments are necessary for your venue.

ph: 512-477-1859 | fx: 512-477-3908 | email: | P.O. Box 49036 | Austin, TX 78765