Book Music & Lyrics by Janet Yates Vogt & Mark Friedman

Based on the book “How I Became a Pirate” by Melinda Long with Illustrations by David Shannon

Produced by Dallas Children’s Theater from Dallas, Texas

About the Company

AARRRGH! Sail off on a swashbuckling musical excursion as young Jeremy Jacobs joins Captain Braid Beard’s band of comical pirates and searches for the perfect spot to bury their treasure. Jeremy finds fun and adventure on the high seas, but he soon learns that home and family are treasures you can't find on any map!

Based off the popular book, the production includes terrific songs like “A Good One to Boot”, “Green Teeth”, “I'm Really Just a Sensitive Guy”, “Talk Like a Pirate”, “Soccer by the Rules”, “Pirates Dot Arrgh”, and more… It’s a joyful family musical that is sure to leave young mateys singing and dancing in the aisles!

Best for Grades: K-5th

Audience Size: Medium to Large Venues

Behind-the-scenes video of DCT on Tour!

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Company Background

Past Tours: Mufaro’s Beautiful Daughters, The BFG (Big Friendly Giant), The Musical Adventures of Flat Stanley, and The True Story of the Three Little Pigs

Named by Time Magazine as one of the top 5 children's theater companies in the US, and the only one of that group to tour nationally, this critically acclaimed company travels coast to coast with professional large-scale productions designed to stir the heart, stretch the mind and promote education. Each touring production is selected and designed with a youth and family audience in mind from titles and materials that reflect the cultural diversity of our world community. They encompass a combination of new plays, familiar stories, literary works, biographies, mythology, folk tales, music, dance, and puppetry. With such a vast and impressionable audience to serve, DCT's productions usually target a different age range every other touring season. Study guides accompany each production and a variety of curriculum based workshops and residencies are also made available to teachers and students.

Dallas Children's Theater began a local touring program in 1985 with a Native American piece entitled Legend of the Bluebonnet. In 1989, the touring roster expanded to statewide and regional venues. In 1996, DCT launched its first national tour. September 2006 marked DCT's introduction to the world stage, as the theater was honored with an invitation to perform at the 2006 Shanghai International Children's Culture and Arts Expo in Shanghai, China.

DCT believes that theater provides a unique learning opportunity, which allows children exposure to ideas and imagery that reflect their own experiences and challenge their own understanding of the world in which they live. To this end, Dallas Children's Theater aims to engage and inspire children, to produce theater that reaches beyond the stage.


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Artistic Team

Written by Janet Yates Vogt & Mark Friedman 

Based on the Book by Melinda Long
Illustrated by David Shannon 

DCT Executive Artistic Director: Robyn Flatt 

DCT on Tour Producing Director: Sally Fiorello 

Critical Acclaim

…a swashbuckling, high energy funny-bone tickling musical adaptation of Melinda Long’ best selling book…Don’t miss this boat, with whatever youngsters age 4 and older you can tow along.

—Alexandra Bonifield,

BWR Lakewood­-Dallas Edition

It’s an enjoyable show about dreaming of escape and then realizing that home is where you’d rather be.

—Mark Lowry,

Theater Jones

DCT’s production team really hit the mark with this one. Adults will enjoy the scenery, costumes and fun songs as much as the theater’s littlest patrons.

—Lake Highlands Today

Parents and kids will enjoy swashbuckling adventure….

—Nancy Churnin,

The Dallas Morning News

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Gallery of Past Productions


Curriculum Connections

  • Language Arts: Reading, Comprehension, Writing, Vocabulary 

  • Performing & Visual Arts: Theater, Music, Production Design, and how they are used to adapt a play from a book


Minimum Technical Requirements

  • Load In Time: 5 hours (with lights prehung)

  • Crew Needs: A theatrically knowledgeable crew of at least four (4)+, with a designated supervisor present at all times (including load-in, setup, technical rehearsals, performances, strike and load-out.) After load-in is complete, the local running crew should include at least two (2) deck hands and possibly a lightboard operator.

  • Min. Stage Size: A minimum playing area of 35ʼ wide by 25' deep (upstage of the proscenium) by 16ʼ high. A minimum of 10' (W) by 25ʼ (D) out of view & unobstructed wing space on both sides of the stage.

  • Sound Needs: A house sound system in good working order that can accommodate all of the Company’s audio components (the Company travels with the following: seven (7) body mics & laptop computer for playback). A headset/intercom system is needed with at least four (4) stations.

  • Load Out Time:  1-2 hours.


Outreach and Workshops

Creative Dramatic Workshop

Using themes and situations from the play, two DCT artist/teachers will guide students through lively theater games and exercises designed to ignite the imagination and open new avenues of self expression.

  • Duration: 1 hour

  • Limited to: 30 participants

  • For: 1st thru 3rd grades & 4th thru 5th grades.


(Post performance) Using How I Became A Pirate as a backdrop, DCT company members will lead a discussion and take questions regarding certain aspects of a theatrical performance including how plays are adapted from books and taken from the page to the stage.

  • Duration: 1 hr.

  • Limited to: Size of house

  • For: All Grades

Sensory Friendly Performances

How I Became A Pirate is available as a “sensory friendly” or “relaxed” performance if arranged with the company in advance and with specific direction as to what adjustments are necessary for your venue.

ph: 512-477-1859 | email: | P.O. Box 49036 | Austin, TX 78765