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Produced by Windmill Theatre Co. 

From Adelaide, Australia 

About the Company

It's a perfect, balmy night in the outback. A sleep-deprived camper, a cheeky quokka and an emu with a  penchant for creating wild inventions, awake to discover to discover that a koala has come down with a stubborn and ear-shatteringly loud case of the hiccups! 

The three embark on an epic journey through the night that sees them frantically eat, sing, and invent their way towards a cure before the sun comes up. HICCUP is a hilarious rocking musical extravaganza about working together, finding friendship, and how to, once and for all, stop the hiccups.


Best for: Grades PreK-3rd (3-8 years)

Audience Size: Small & Medium Venues
(up to 500-600 seats depending on venue)

Please contact us to watch an archival full length recording.

Curriculum Connections

All Windmill shows come with a comprehensive study guide, developed by expert educators that can be easily adapted to suit international curriculum needs. The specific areas that the study guide addresses include: ​

  • Language and Performing Arts: English, Drama, Music and Design, Critical Thinking, Narrative. 

  • Emotional and Social Learning/Social Studies: Health & Wellbeing, Friendship, Self-Awareness, Social Relationships, Self-Discovery, Transformation.

  • Science: particularly relating to the Australian wildlife in the show and the ideas surrounding silence, pollution, and noise pollution in Hiccup

Curriculum Connections

Sensory Friendly Option

Sensory Friendly Performances

This performance is available as a “sensory friendly” or “relaxed” performance if arranged with the company in advance and with specific direction as to what adjustments are, necessary for your venue.


In addition, Windmill will provide a detailed sensory guide, which will include a list of lighting and sound changes and cues throughout the show.

Minimum Technical Requirements

  • Load In Time: 8 hours (with pre-rig)

    Load in: 4 multiskilled technicians
    Performances: 1 x Lighting, 1 x Audio
    Load out: 4 multiskilled technicians

  • Ideal Stage Size: 29.5ft width x 32ft depth x 26.25ft height; 10 ft wings
    Min. Stage Size: 23ft width x 26ft depth x 16ft height; 6.5ft wings

  • Load Out Time: 2 hours

Minimum Tech
Artistic Team

Artistic Team

Co-Creator, Writer, Director Ellen Steele

Co-Creator, Writer, Director Jude Henshall

Designer Jonathon Oxlade

Composer Ross McHenry

Lighting Designer Chris Petridis

Puppet-maker and Consultant Tamara Rewse

Touring Party - TBA - 3 Cast Members & 1 Stage Manager & 1 Technical Manager

Critical Acclaim

Critical Acclaim

"★★★★★ Hiccup is truly an ensemble piece, with stellar actors and production team. It is a welcome and joyous return to theatre for Australian children and their families." GLAM ADELAIDE


"Hiccup is a winner... The kids were with them every step of the way, singing and clapping along, cheering the triumphs and lamenting the disappointments, and loving every bit of it." THE ADVERTISER


"Windmill’s performance of Hiccup! has barely begun when the theatre erupts in the giggles." INDAILY


"The set is a pastel-coloured dream... This is one case of the hiccups you’ll actually want to be near! Don’t miss the world-first run of this show." KIDDO MAGAZINE


"Even before he speaks, the audience is laughing at Nathan O'Keefe in little orange shorts and a silver vest." BROADWAY WORLD


Company Background

Past Tours: Beep, Grug, Grug and the Rainbow, Big Bad Wolf

Based in Adelaide, Australia, Windmill Theatre Company has a global reputation as a leading producer of theatre for children, teenagers, and families. They bring artists together to uncover and ignite stories that are burning to be told. Each year they perform in their home town, and tour across Australia and around the world.


During the last 17 years, Windmill has presented 63 productions, including 36 brand new Australian works, performing to young audiences in 247 cities and towns across 28 countries.


Windmill has previously traveled to North America for tours of Plop (2012), Grug (2013), Big Bad Wolf (2016), and Grug and the Rainbow (2017). Beep will tour North America in early 2020. Windmill’s co-production with State Theatre Company South Australia, Pinocchio, performed at the New Victory Theatre in New York in 2015.


In 2016, Windmill released their first feature film, Girl Asleep, which won multiple awards and was acclaimed by critics and audiences alike. In 2017, they announced the launch of Windmill Pictures, a new arm of the company dedicated to developing screen projects from our live theatre repertoire.


For more information, please visit the company’s website.

Past Productions

Gallery of Past Productions

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