Produced by Cahoots NI

From Belfast, Northern Ireland

Danny Carmo
Danny Carmo

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Danny Carmo's Mathematical Mysteries
Danny Carmo's Mathematical Mysteries

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Danny Carmo's Mathematical Mysteries
Danny Carmo's Mathematical Mysteries

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A lot has happened since we last saw Danny Carmo and his magical math skills–he's toured all over the world and he even became a Professor at the University of Wonder & Imagination! It's hard to believe that he used to think that school and, in particular, math wasn’t for him. He was more interested in dreaming about a future on the stage and perhaps the big screen – all he ever wanted to be was a famous magician. But when he knuckled down to learn all the tricks of the trade he realized that math was not only essential… it was the SECRET to a whole load of magic.


Cahoots NI’s much-loved production returns to North America, featuring the thrilling tricks and mind blowing mathemagic. Prepare to be amazed, dazzled and bewildered by this spectacular show where math, theatre and digital technology collide to create a fun and interactive performance proving that understanding math can be fun! 


“The pupils were mesmerized. Not only do they want to know how to do the magic tricks, they want to know how the maths works. Success! A fantastic addition to the school’s maths programme.”  3rd Grade School Teacher

Best for Grades: 2nd-6th

Audience Size: Medium to Large Venues

Please contact us to watch an archival full length recording.


Sample Study Guides

An electronic version of the accompanying Show Booklet is available here.


The company has created an electronic Teacher's Guide to accompany the booklet.


Curriculum Connections

  • Fine Arts:  Performance, Magic

  • Language Arts and Literacy

  • Mathematics and Numeracy: estimation and calculation, multiplication, division, subtraction, addition, and probability

  • Character Building: Personal Development, Problem Solving, and Mutual Understanding


Minimum Technical Requirements

  • Load In Time: 4 hours

  • Crew Needs:  2 crew members

  • Min. Stage Size:  27’w x 27’d x 16’ h (can be adapted slightly for both smaller and larger spaces)

  • Sound Needs: All sound is on Mac Q Lab with 2 speakers for front and 2 placed behind audience for surround sound effect. Our ASM operates from behind blacks USC

  • Load Out Time: 1-2 hours

Outreach and Workshops

Mathematical MysteriesWorkshop

This fun and interactive workshop gives participants the opportunity to learn some spellbinding magic up close and personal with Cahoots NI’s very own Math-a-magician Danny Carmo. Learn the secrets behind the show and put your math to the test! Suitable for age 8 +


Workshop Facilitators: Caolan McBride and Nicola McBride-two of Northern Ireland’s leading professional magicians with 20 years of experience performing and teaching magic for stage and screen.

Maximum number of participants: 30

Duration : 1 hour

“Relaxed” or “Sensory Friendly” Performances

This performance is also available as a “sensory friendly” or “relaxed” performance if arranged with the company in advance and with specific direction as to what adjustments are necessary for your venue.

Artistic Team


Writer/Director: Paul Mc Eneaney

Musical Director: Garth McConaghie

Cast: Caolan McBride & Nicola McBride

Critical Acclaim