Holden & Arts Associates is proud to present our roster of extraordinary performances for young people and their families. This roster is a hybrid of digital offerings available for the 20-21 season and in-person tours for the 21-22 season. We have brand new productions that are currently being developed as well as projects returning after many years of successful tours.  


We are honored to continue to represent artists from all over the world, from our own home city of Austin, Texas to the other side of the globe in Australia and South Korea.  


In our time of isolation, these projects offer connection. 

Connection between artist and audience.

Connection between countries and cultures.

Connection between child and adult. 

Connection between idea and action.


So as you take in this roster, we invite you to connect.


Connect to Curiosity


(images of University of Wonder & Imagination from Cahoots NI of Belfast, Northern Ireland) Enter a virtual and interactive world where magic is around every corner. Experience it all from your home while the company performs live in Belfast.


(images of Baba Yaga from Windmill Theatre Co. of Adelaide, Australia and Imaginate of Edinburgh, UK) Meet a mentor, mysterious and dangerous, who urges you to turn the impossible into ‘I’m possible’.


(images of Emil & the Detectives from Slingsby of Adelaide, Australia) Find fellow detectives to solve crimes and put things right, all on your own.


(images of The In-Between from Geordie of Montreal, Canada) Question what you read online and challenge people when they say things about those who are “different”.


(images of Special Delivery from Jessica Wilson of Melbourne, Australia) Open your mail and find an adventure. No screen, no stage required, just a willingness to play.


Connect to Music


(images of Meeting Mozart from CDP Theatre Producers of Sydney, Australia) listen to international and local artists collaborate and play transcendent classical pieces.


(images of Schoolhouse Rock Live! from Childsplay of Tempe, AZ) sing along to memorable and catchy songs with lyrics that teach and inspire audiences of all ages.


(images of David Gonzalez from New York, NY) hear music and myths from around the world that bring to life stories of tricksters, princesses, and even trees that sing.


Connect to History


(images of Jabari Dreams of Freedom from Nambi E. Kelley) gain courage and inspiration from young leaders of the Civil Rights Movement standing up to racism and violence.


(images of Under the Hawthorn Tree from Cahoots NI of Belfast, Northern Ireland) find strength in each other in the face of hunger, famine, and a long journey towards a better life far away from home.


(images of Finding North from David Gonzalez and Daniel Carlton of New York, NY) make a path for yourself and for others, even if it means risking everything for freedom.

Connect to The Natural World


(images of Call of the Wild: Illustrated Edition from Theatre Heroes of Austin, TX) Explore  The Frontier, vast, full of adventure and the unknown. Where dog and man face their own wild nature.


(images of Doodle POP from BRUSH Theatre of Seoul, South Korea) Dive into The Ocean, teeming with life and possibilities, just like one’s imagination. A fluid place where anything can happen.


(images of Secrets of Space from Cahoots NI of Belfast, Northern Ireland) Launch into Space and discover its secrets. The stars above in the night sky and the mysteries of time and gravity all around us.


And Connect to Family


(images of The Princess and the Pea from tutti frutti of Leeds, England) Laugh when a tiny pea reveals big secrets, a reluctant Prince grows up, and a Princess makes her way on the wind.


(images of Nearly Lear from Susanna Hamnett of London, England) Cry as a Fool tells the tale of a Father who loses sight of what really matters and at great cost.


(images of The Girl Who Forget to Sing Badly from Theatre Lovett of Dublin, Ireland) Cheer when Peggy saves her family and her whole city with her cleverness, bravery, and surprising song.


(images of The Snail and the Whale from Tall Stories of London, England) Experience the joy of a father and daughter enacting their favorite bedtime story together, of someone small who makes a big difference.

(image of Holden & Arts Co-Directors Sarah Saltwick, Stacy Meshbane, and Spring Karlo)

We are here to work with you and your audiences for engagements online, in your venue, and anywhere in between.

We are here and ready to talk, listen, plan, imagine, re-imagine, and experiment. 

We can’t wait to connect.