Produced by Windmill Theatre Co. and Imaginate

From Adelaide, Australia and Edinburgh, Scotland


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Vaselina lives the quiet life, working as a receptionist in a very tall, very strict apartment building. But all that changes when she is forced to confront Baba Yaga, a terrifying resident who breaks all the rules, plays her music far too loudly and eats jelly babies with her mouth open. Who is this mysterious neighbor? Will she ever turn the music down? And what exactly is she planning for dinner?


Through her encounters with the eccentric and mysterious Baba Yaga, Vaselina’s mundane and grey life turns upside down and she finds the confidence and courage to speak up, sing out, and sparkle! Using imaginative video projections, delightful songs, and gorgeous design elements, this is a modern take on an old Russian folktale guaranteed to give you lots to chew on.


With a sell-out premiere run at the 2018 Edinburgh International Children’s Festival and tours across Australia, UK, Ireland, Norway (ASSITEJ), China and Taiwan, BABA YAGA is co-commissioned by Windmill and Imaginate and is co-created by Windmill director Rosemary Myers and two unique and celebrated artists from opposite ends of the globe: Shona Reppe (Scotland; The Curious Scrapbook of Josephine Bean) and Christine Johnston (Australia; The Kransky Sisters).  JURY-SELECTED FOR A "TELL"  SPOTLIGHT SHOWCASE AT IPAY 2020.

About the Company

Best for: Grades 3rd+ (8 years+)

Audience Size: Small & Medium Venues
(up to 600 seats depending on venue sight lines)

BABA YAGA highlights trailer

Interview - Creative Development of BABA YAGA

Please contact us to watch an archival full length recording.

Curriculum Connections

All Windmill shows come with a comprehensive study guide, developed by expert educators that can be easily adapted to suit international curriculum needs. The specific areas that the study guide addresses include: ​

  • ·Language and Performing Arts: Drama, Music and Design, Folktales, Literacy, Critical Thinking, Narrative. BABA YAGA comes with a suite of learning activities designed to foster performance literacy and extend students understanding of the live experience through comprehensive pre-and-post show activities. 

  • Visual Art: BABA YAGA uses collage and pastiche to create a unique visual world. The visual experience of BABA YAGA can be used to explore many different concepts and ideas in visual art, adapted to the live performance medium. 

  • Technology/STEAM: Animation is a key part of BABA YAGA’s storytelling experience. The show provides ways to explore different styles of animation and their application to a variety of storytelling settings including live performances. 

  • Emotional and Social Learning/Social Studies: Authority, Empowerment, Self-Discovery, Transformation. Rules and rule breaking central ideas in BABA YAGA. The show provides an opportunity for students to explore rules and rule-breakers and how social movements have used the performing arts to affect change in the past.


Outreach and Workshops

Sensory Friendly Performances

BABA YAGA is available as a “sensory friendly” or “relaxed” performance if arranged with the company in advance and with specific direction as to what adjustments are necessary for your venue.

Minimum Technical Requirements

  • Load In Time: 8 hours (with pre-rig)

    Load in: 4 multiskilled technicians
    Performances: 1 multiskilled technician
    Load out: 4 multiskilled technicians

  • Ideal Stage Size: 29ft width x 26.2ft depth x 20ft height; 10 ft wings
    Min. Stage Size: 23ft width x 23ft depth x 16.5ft height; 6.5ft wings

    Left, right, subs and foldback x 2

  • Load Out Time: 2 hours


Artistic Team

Co-Creator, Performer: Christine Johnson

Co-Creator, Director: Rosemary Myers

Co-Creator: Shone Reppe

Sound Design, Composer: Peter Nelson

Animator: Chris Edser

Dramaturg: Julianne O'Brien

Technical Designer: Chris Petridis

Lighting Designer: Richard Vabre

Movement Consultant: Carol Wellman Kelly

Design Realiser: Ailsa Paterson

Costume Designer/Maker: Selene Cochrane

Performer: Elizabeth Hay*


Co-commissioned by Imaginate and Windmill Theatre Company
*performer to be confirmed with Windmill Theatre Co. closer to tour

Critical Acclaim


"★★★★★ A brilliant new version of the alluring old Russian fairytale" THE SCOTSMAN


"★★★★ Deliciously [and] spookily imaginative..." THE GUARDIAN


"Fabulously performed, technically outstanding and excellently directed..." HERALD SCOTLAND


"★★★★ So outrageous, bold and silly that it proves irresistible!" THE TIMES UK


"★★★★ A hugely imaginative piece of theatre... an inventive mash-up of cabaret, animation and children's theatre" THE STAGE UK


"A modern take on a Slavic folklore classic, Windmill's adaptation of Baba Yaga is a clever reboot with an uplifting message behind it." THE ADVERTISER


"[Hay’s] double act rapport with Johnston is enough to make anyone wish for their own f̶a̶i̶r̶y̶ scary godmother." THE ADELAIDE REVIEW


"A faultless production to excite and fascinate the younger people in your life." THEATRE TRAVELS


"Christine Johnston’s Baba Yaga is perfectly eccentric. She is an all dancing, all singing, all recorder playing powerhouse." KIDDO MAG


"★★★★ Bright, colourful and totally absurd... a triumph of creativity and collaboration by some of the best artists working in the industry today" THE SKINNY


"★★★★★ A fabulous and thoroughly entertaining metaphor for positivity and hope; for finding what lies within" EDINBURGH GUIDE


"An all-singing and all-dancing, ever-hungry but never-boring, riot of colour..." REVIEW SPHERE BLOG


"A loud whirlwind of folklore and fantasy that will bring a bumperful of joy into your life. They have the entire audience grinning from ear to ear... Go, enjoy!" SMALL CITY BIG PERSONALITY BLOG


"Good children's theatre has to be even more engaging than adults and this was an outstanding symphony of surreal animation, costume, sound, storytelling and bewitching performance" THE ART ROOM PLANT BLOG


"Quirky, colourful, fun, and a little bit spooky" LOTHIAN LIFE


"A funny and eccentric barrage of invention..." THE GUARDIAN


"A hilariously surreal, subversive retelling of Baba Yaga" THE STAGE


Company Background

Past Tours: Beep, Grug, Grug and the Rainbow, Big Bad Wolf

Based in Adelaide, Australia, Windmill Theatre Company has a global reputation as a leading producer of theatre for children, teenagers, and families. They bring artists together to uncover and ignite stories that are burning to be told. Each year they perform in their home town, and tour across Australia and around the world.


During the last 17 years, Windmill has presented 63 productions, including 36 brand new Australian works, performing to young audiences in 247 cities and towns across 28 countries.


Windmill has previously traveled to North America for tours of Plop (2012), Grug (2013), Big Bad Wolf (2016), and Grug and the Rainbow (2017). Beep will tour North America in early 2020. Windmill’s co-production with State Theatre Company South Australia, Pinocchio, performed at the New Victory Theatre in New York in 2015.


In 2016, Windmill released their first feature film, Girl Asleep, which won multiple awards and was acclaimed by critics and audiences alike. In 2017, they announced the launch of Windmill Pictures, a new arm of the company dedicated to developing screen projects from our live theatre repertoire.


For more information, please visit the company’s website.


Gallery of Past Productions

Windmill Theatre Co's Beep Photo by Shan
Windmill Theatre Co's Beep Photo by Shan

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Windmill Theatre Co's Beep  L-R KIALEA-N
Windmill Theatre Co's Beep L-R KIALEA-N

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Grug & the Rainbow
Grug & the Rainbow

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Windmill Theatre Co's Beep Photo by Shan
Windmill Theatre Co's Beep Photo by Shan

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